Technological solutions

The pressure to reduce the complexity of managing security products, limited capacity resources for IT and security, legislative requirements, bad experiences with the implementation of similar technologies, the growing number of cyberattacks puts most organizations in an unfortunate situation where they consider how to deal with the issue of building cybersecurity both from the point of view of legislation, and especially in terms of securing the key activities of the organization. These shortcomings are addressed by the portfolio of our technological solutions.

technologické riešenia
Solution type

Server and Data Center Protection

Vulnerability Monitoring

Security Monitoring (SIEM)

Cybersecurity Management Tool

Security Monitoring (SIEM) IBM

Network Infrastructure Protection

Network Analysis and Detection

Server Protection

Get value within days, not weeks or months

The main characteristics of our technological solutions are the following features:

  • Efficient and fast implementation thanks to standardized procedures of the manufacturer as well as the implementation team. The solutions themselves create results in just a few days.
  • Easy management thanks to the use of cloud technologies. Thanks to which you do not care about the products but use them, thus saving your resources.
  • High level of protection – By combining multiple security features, you’ll achieve a high level of security.
  • Compliance with legislation – the solutions cover the key requirements of Slovak legislation in the field of cybersecurity.
  • Flexibility – you only pay for what you use. As the nature and size of your organization changes, our solutions are ready for these requirements.
  • Fast and effective support – the team of certified specialists can help solve any problems if necessary.

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