TrendMicro CloudONE – Server and Data Center Protection

Through TrendMicro CloudOne cloud solution, you get the tool to ensure comprehensive protection of your DC (storage, servers, cloud, virtual desktops and hybrid IT).


  • Server security in heterogeneous environment (onpremise DC, private cloud AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM, Oracle)
    • Compensatory measures for the protection of unpatched systems from vulnerabilities or exploits
    • Compensatory measures for protection of unsupported systems by the manufacturer (Win2K, 2003, etc.)
    • Recommending security policies by specific device (Operating System, App, Database)
    • TLS inspection of encrypted Windows communication (IIS, Exchange, RDP..) and Linux (Apache, NGiX..)
    • Multilayer Protection – Intrusion prevention, Antimalware, Firewall, Log management, Integrity monitoring, Web reputation, Application control).
  • Web Application Security
    • Protection on-premise or cloud web applications against attacks
  • Public Cloud Security
    • Continuous evaluation of public cloud configuration security (AWS, Azure, GCP)
  • Security of file storage in the public cloud (AWS, Azure)
  • Security of open source code during development
  • Network infrastructure security in the public cloud
  • XDR Functionality – investigation of security incidents

Deployment in 4 steps:

  • Activation of the Cloud ONE console
  • Installation of components in the customer’s infrastructure (console, agent)
  • Configuring basic settings
  • Triggering critical asset protection

Fulfillment of domains of Act No. 69/2018 Coll. on cybersecurity

  • Security in the operation of information systems and networks,
  • Evaluation of vulnerabilities and security updates,
  • Protection against malicious code,
  • Network and communication security,
  • Event recording and monitoring,
  • Solving cybersecurity and security incidents.

Solution partner:

Key advantages:

  • Strengthening the cyber resilience of an organization and its critical assets
  • Protecting critical assets from exploiting vulnerabilities
  • Simple implementation through the Trend Micro cloud infrastructure
  • Support for several requirements of Act no. 69/2018 Coll. on cybersecurity

Are you interested in protecting your servers?