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We provide trusted services in the field of cyber security.

Solutions & Services

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Standard Solutions

Standard Solutions Pressure to reduce the complexity of security product management, limited capacity for IT and security, legislative requirements, poor…
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Project Solutions

Tailor-made design, implementation and support of cyber security solutions.


Externally provided cyber security to protect your organization.
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Technological Solutions

Available solutions for organizations with limited resources. The main advantage is the speed of implementation and reasonable financial demands.

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Process Solutions

Design, implementation and support of cybersecurity and classified information protection solutions.

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Physical & Object Security

We provide comprehensive solutions based on an assessment of risks and customer needs.

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RHOMBUS holds the license to operate technical services, ISO 9001 quality management certificates and ISO 37001 anti-corruption management. Our information security system is valid according to ISO 27001 and IT service management system according to ISO/IEC 20000-1.

We have confirmation from the NSA

We are the owner of a valid National Security Authority (NSA) Industrial Security Certificate for the acquaintance, transmission and creation of classified information up to (including) Secret, NATO and EU Secret.

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“Cyber-security is much more than a matter of IT.” -Stephane Nappo

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